aimspump - an archfact product The aims pump/compressor gives you the lowest noise,
	 lowest vibration and requires the lowest maintenance of any pump of its kind on the market.

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The Aims pump offers a natural double-action that creates either a motor driven air compressor or vacuum pump.

The pumps' design and structure offers a simple mode of operation without the need of complex component parts such as cranks, rods, bearing, oil or grease.

Operation consists of a piston assembly supported by a spring system, working in harmony with the alternating mains input supply frequency through an electric coil linear motor.

The very quiet and low vibration features are achieved by the variable displacement piston system & motor. This also means the life of the pump is longer and maintenance is simple and inexpensive.

The power supply energises an electro-magnet, which attracts the piston and as a result compresses its return spring system.

This action draws air through the inlet valve and into the main cylinder. When the electro-magnet is de-energised, the return spring system propels the piston back. The air is compressed and is expelled through the outlet valve, which operates under pressure.

Maintenance is straightforward and very simple. By undoing four screws and removing the cylinder head cap, it is easy to replace the piston and spring system with a new assembly.

The Aims pump utilises very smooth bearing seals, which provide excellent abrasion resistance and long life operation

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