aimspump - an archfact product The aims pump/compressor gives you the lowest noise,
	 lowest vibration and requires the lowest maintenance of any pump of its kind on the market.

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Cross Flow Cooling

Cool filtered incoming air is drawn through an orifice and travels over the electro-magnetic coils before passing into the cylinder. The sealed construction of the pump prevents the escape of operating noise.


With few moving parts and a simple transmission system, noise is maintained at very low levels. The absence of rotating parts and ball bearings dispenses with vibration and drone. Other noise sources are dampened by the Aims pump's sealed construction.

Low Power

The piston and spring are the only moving parts. Energy losses are minimal due to the simple transmission system, greatly improving the Aims pump's efficiency.

Air Pulsations

Small frequent pulsations of air are synchronised to the alternating input power frequency - independent of load. This equates to 3000 cycles/min (50Hz) and 3600 cycles/min (60Hz). With such high frequency of operation, each individual discharge volume is extremely low. Thereby, providing smooth air delivery.

Anti-Over Pressure

As the output pressure rises above its rated value, the piston stroke automatically diminishes and therefore prevents situations of over pressurising. The shorter piston stroke reduces the power consumption and thus eliminates any possible failure due to overload.

High Pressure Start-up

Units will start at relatively low current, supporting short cycling and frequent switching ON and OFF. Even under high back pressure conditions.


The grease and oil-free design together with few moving components, add up to a consistent and durable performance over long periods. Service is simple assuring continued life for all other component parts. Designed to withstand knocks and bumps without detriment to performance.

Low Vibration

With few moving parts and the closed, sealed assembly. Any remaining vibrations are absorbed by the special rubber foot design.

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